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CS16H steam trap

CS16H steam trapCS16H steam trap
CS16H steam trap

CS16H steam trap Product introduction

CS16H steam trap uses a metal diaphragm capsule as main element,when the temperature change,the element will expand or contract to control the open-close of steam trap,CS16H steam trap is widely applied in steam pipelines and related applications for energy saving.
CS16H steam trap specification.

 Product Name: CS16H steam trap
Pressure Rating: 1.6 -40Mpa.
Nominal Diameter: DN15-50 mm.
Body Material: Steel WCB.
Standard flanges: DIN, ANSI, JIS. 
Main Technical Parameters and Indexes of Performance.
Applicable Pressure Range(Mpa)               0.01-2.5                
Max.allowable Temperature 300
Temperature of valve-openning 15/30
CS16H steam trap material 
Name of component               Material of component              
Body,Cap WCB/304
Seat  2Cr13/304
Diaphragm Capsule 304
Strainer 304

CS16H steam trap Main dimension

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