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CS11H Free float ball trap

CS11H Free float ball trapCS11H Free float ball trap
CS11H Free float ball trap

CS11H Free float ball trap Product introduction

CS11H Free float ball trap continues dischargins saturation condensed water without accumulation,and so get the maximum thermal efficiency.when steam pressure changes,the ball  float can adjust the opening of valve seat whthout influence,and so CS11H Free float ball trap is stable whith automatic and manual releaser,and so its exhaust performance is good without airlock and working is smooth without noise

CS11H Free float ball trap specification

Size: DN15~DN50

Connection: RF, NPT,SW

Pressure: PN10, PN16, PN25,PN40

CS11H Free float ball trap  material

No.                Part Name                                                   Materials                                        
1 Body WCB,WC6,SS304,SS316
2 Screw Plug 35,2Cr13
3 Screw Plug 35,2Cr13
4 Seat 2Cr13
5 Float Ball SS304
6 Screen SS304
7 Circlip A3
8 Bonnet A105
9 Sylphon SS304
10 Seat 2Cr13
11 Screw Plug 35,2Cr13

CS11H Free float ball trap  parameter

Minimum Working Pressure 0.01MPa Maximum allowable temperature for cast steel 425℃
Minimum degree of supercooling ≈0 Working medium saturated vapour,condensed water
Maxmum allowable rate of back pressure 80% Exhaust plant stainless steel/alloy
Valve body.Cap WCB/304 Ball Float Stainless Steel
Valve seat 2Cr13/304 Filter Ball Stainless Steel

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