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FT44H Lever ball float steam trap

FT44H Lever ball float steam trapFT44H Lever ball float steam trap
FT44H Lever ball float steam trap

FT44H Lever ball float steam trap Product introduction

 FT44H Lever ball float steam trap is similar to Spirax Sarco Design, FT44H Lever ball float steam trap is mainly used for steam system to drain condensate water, FT44H Lever ball float steam trap is a type of ball float steam trap where condensate enters the body via inlet A and ball B gets lifted when the level of water rises. The ball is connected to the outlet valve at point D by use of float arm point C. The outlet valve opens since the condensate lifts the ball. The valve position changes as per the water level in the body which gives continuous discharge of condensate on any load that falls in the maximum capacity of this type of trap. When the condensate load is diminished steam raises to reach the trap, the float drops to its lower position. The valve is fixed against the seat to avoid steam waste. The one main problem associated with this trap is that it cannot discharge via the main valve as it starts. 

FT44H Lever ball float steam trap structural characteristics 
1.FT44H Lever ball float steam trap adopts two kinds of sealing,e,g,balance double valve seat and single valve seat with reliable closedown and long life.
2.There's always condensate water available in front of the valve with reliable water sealing and non-leakage of steam.
3.No noise before operation in favor of environmental protection.
4.At the beginning of ventilation,all the valves start and lowtemperature condensate water and air are rapidly expelled to greatly shorten the start time for equipment.
5.Internal component is made of stainless steel, corrosion and cavitation erosion proof.
FT44H Lever ball float steam trap spefication
Product Name: FT44 ball float steam trap.
Pressure Rating: 1.6- 4.0 Mpa.
Nominal Diameter: DN32,DN40,DN50. 
Body Material: Steel,WCB.
Standard Flanges: DIN, ANSI, JIS, JB79.

FT44H Lever ball float steam trap technical parameters and performance
Nominal pressure                                                  PN16-40                                           
Maximun design pressure(PMA) 40bar g @ 100
Maximun design temperature(TMA) 300 @ 27.5bar g
Minimun design temperature(TMI) -10
Maximun upstream pressure for
saturated steam service(PMO)
32bar g @ 239
Maximun operating temperature(TMO) 285 @ 28.5bar g
Minimun operating temperature(TMIO) 0
Maximun differential pressure( PMX ) FT44-4.5 4.5bar
FT44 -10 10bar
FT44 -14 14bar
FT44 -21 21bar
FT44 -32 32bar
Maximum cold hydraulic test pressure 60bar g

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