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Brass Y type strainer

Brass Y type strainerBrass Y type strainer
Brass Y type strainer

Brass Y type strainer Product introduction

Brass Y type strainer is an indispensable device for conveying medium pipelines, Brass Y type strainer is usually installed in the pressure relief valve, relief valve, water level valve or other equipment at the inlet end, used to remove impurities in the medium, in order to protect the normal use of the valve and equipment.After when the fluid enters the filter cylinder that has certain specification filter net, its impurity is blocked, and clean filtrate is discharged by filter outlet, when need is cleaned, want to take out removable filter net only, after processing, reload can, accordingly, use maintenance is very convenient

 Brass Y type strainer parameter

Technology data sheet
Connection                      Threaded or Flange ends
Thread ASME B16.5,EN 1092,BS 4504,BS 10
Body material Brass,Bronze,Ductole Iron,Carbon steel,Stainless Steel          
Norminal Diameter 1/2"~2",DN15~DN50,can be customized
Working Medium Water,Non-causticity liquid,Saturated steam
Working Temperature 0℃≤T≤150℃
Pressure 1.0Mpa,1.6Mpa,2.5Mpa,4.0Mpa


 Brass Y type strainer material

Main parts and Materials
Number Part Name                    Material                                                   
1 Body Brass or Bronze
2 Plug Brass or Bronze
3 Cover Brass or Bronze
4 Bolt Carbon steel
6 Screen Stainless steel

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