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Z644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve

Z644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate ValveZ644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve
Z644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve

Z644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve Product introduction

 Z644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve manufacturer, factory and supplier in China. Z644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve is double-disc anti-abrasion gate valve which uses double discs, single/double-side seal, sealed with ceramic and tungsten steel, with excellent mechanical and wear-resistant properties and hardness up to 60~90HRC. Such design solves the short life time issue due to sealing surface abrasion and erosion by continuous scouring material mixed with compressed air.

Z644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve is equipped with a ceramic liner inside the body, contributing to its exceptional performance in dry ash conveying systems and hopper pumps. This type of valve is especially well-suited for high-abrasion industries, such as mining, papermaking, chemicals, etc. The ability of Z644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve to withstand high levels of wear and tear makes it a valuable asset in these demanding fields. Moreover, it’s designed to function efficiently at temperatures up to 200℃, further emphasizing its versatility and robustness in various industrial applications.

Z644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve Specification:

  • Product Name: Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve
  • Model: Z644TC
  • Size: 2″ ~ 24″
  • Nominal Pressure: PN10/16, ANSI Class 150LB/300LB
  • Design and Manufacture: GB/T 12224, ASME B16.34
  • Face-to-Face Dimension: Manufacturer’s Standard, ASME B16.5 & B16.47
  • Flange Dimension: JB/T 79.1, ANSI B16.5, DIN 2543, JIS B2020
  • Inspection and Test: GB/T 9092, ASME B16.34
  • Material Standard: GB/T 12229 for Carbon Steel, GB/T 12230 for Stainless Steel

Z644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve Structural Features:

Cylinder Actuator

Utilizes a cylinder to drive the gate up and down, resulting in fast opening/closing.

Double Gates

These adopt floating connections to provide reliable one-way seals. The floating connection helps distribute friction evenly, increasing service life.

Anti-Wear Ceramics

Sealing surfaces are lined with anti-wear ceramics, offering excellent resistance to abrasion.

Compact Design

Easy for transportation, installation, and maintenance.

Z644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve working principle

When the compressed air enters from the upper intake port, the pneumatic ceramic lined gate valve stem drives plates to move downward, the valve closes. Air enters from the down intake port; stem drives plate to move upward, the pneumatic ceramic lined gate valve opens. Spring is added between the plate and seat to ensure they always close tightly, at the same time enable plats move gently vertically. Such design could compensate for thermal expansion and contraction of the pneumatic ceramic lined gate valve parts, and can overcome any influence of fluctuating back pressure on the seal and prevent particulate medium entering sealing surface. In the process of opening and closing, valve plates could self-rotate, as a result sealing surfaces could be grinded, and polished. Additionally, eddy current would be produced due to inlet/outlet channel is off centering to pneumatic ceramic lined gate valve body, and such eddy would purge the valve cavity automatically. All these characteristics contribute to the superior long life time of valve, providing a reliable guarantee for your system.

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