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Pneumatic ceramic butterfly valve

Pneumatic ceramic butterfly valvePneumatic ceramic butterfly valve
Pneumatic ceramic butterfly valve

Pneumatic ceramic butterfly valve Product introduction

 Pnematic ceramic butterfly valve is composed of ceramic lined butterfly valve and double acting or single acting pneumatic actuator for automatic control, pneumatic ceramic butterfly valve sealing part adopts ceramic structure material, and arched surface contact part is precision-machined ceramic. Pneumatic ceramic butterfly valve is eccentrically structured to reduce the fiction of motion part, and greatly extend valve service lifetime in use. The materials of ceramic lined butterfly valve’s ceramic sealing ring, O ring, butterfly disc can be replaced according to purpose and demand. Pneumatic ceramic butterfly valve is applicable to special operating conditions of strong abrasion, high temperature, and high corrosion. 

Pneumatic ceramic butterfly valve specification
Nominal diameter: DN50~1000mm ( 2"~40")
Nominal pressure: PN1.0~4.0MPa(150~300Lb)
Applicable temperature:≤ 350℃
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel,etc.
Medium: ash residue, sludge residue, coal residue, ore pulp, waste water etc.
Application range: metallurgy, steel, mining, power, coal conveying plant, cement plant, water
treatment etc.

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