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YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve

YDF Pneumatic Dome ValveYDF Pneumatic Dome Valve
YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve

YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve Product introduction

 China Dome Valve Manufacturer, factory and supplier, YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve is a special pneumatic delivery valve, also known as a diaphragm valve or half ball valve. YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve is used in material handling systems to control the flow of solid particles, powders or granular materials. YDF Pneumatic dome valve spherical air lock valve is a kind of fast opening and closing valve,dome Valve is currently used in the international coal power plant pneumatic ash transport system, the key valve with good effect. Mainly used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical and other fields of pneumatic conveying system dry ash, dry powder material inlet, outlet, exhaust port, mouthpiece, discharge plug and pipe switching switch control.
YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve specification
Nominal diameter: DN15~600mm(1/2"~24")
Nominal pressure: PN1.0~4.0MPa(150~300Lb)
Applicable temperature:≤ 200℃
Material: carbon steel,stainless steel,etc
Medium: dry ash, pulverized coal, coal ash, chemical powder pulverizing, pneumatic
transmission etc.
YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve Uses and Characteristics:
1: Flexible opening and closing, no erosion of the valve core: pneumatic dome valve spherical air lock valve in the process of switching, the valve core and the rubber seal ring to maintain a gap of 0.8 ~ 1.5mm, the valve core action and the seal ring no contact, small operating resistance, flexible rotation, reliable, long service life of the seal ring; When the valve is opened, the full flow of the material port is not blocked, and the direct erosion of the material on the valve core is avoided.
2: Tight seal, excellent performance: YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve sealing using inflatable rubber sealing ring, good sealing. When the dome valve is closed, the rubber sealing ring is inflated and expanded, and is tightly wrapped around the spherical spool, forming a very reliable sealing ring belt and sealing tightly, which can effectively cut off the flow of materials in the pipeline.
3: Material selection, technology science: YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve spool is the core part of the dome valve, according to the different use of different materials, so that the product has the characteristics of high quality, erosion resistance and so on; The smooth and hard surface of the dome valve spool ensures the close contact between the spool and the rubber seal ring to achieve a good sealing configuration.
4: Automatic control, reliable operation: the pneumatic actuator of the dome valve is driven by a completely closed rotary push-rod type direct cylinder, rotary output, high output torque, which can meet the working conditions under harsh conditions.
YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve
dome valve
YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve working principle:
YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve spool is a spherical dome, and the dome valve maintains a gap of about 2mm between the spool and the rubber seal during the switching process, so that the spool and the rubber seal can move in a non-contact way, so that there is no friction between the spool and the seal and reduce wear. The pneumatic actuator of the YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve is a completely closed rotary pushrod cylinder, which directly drives the dome valve to rotate, effectively preventing dust from entering it and causing wear, leakage and other phenomena. When the dome valve is closed, the rubber seal is inflated and the expansion presses tightly against the spherical dome spool, thus forming a very reliable sealing ring band that prevents the flow of material in the pipe. When the dome valve is opened, the rubber seal is discharged, the dome valve spool is opened, and the valve is opened. YDF Pneumatic Dome Valve spool according to the use of different occasions, using different materials, the surface of different hardening treatment, using the smooth and hard surface of the spool, you can good close contact with the rubber seal ring to reliable sealing. Rubber sealing ring is made of special materials, with the characteristics of dome valve, aging resistance, long service life. When the valve is opened, the full flow of the feed port is unblocked. Applicable media: gas, liquid, semi-fluid and solid powder.

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