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PFA Lined butterfly valve

PFA Lined butterfly valvePFA Lined butterfly valve
PFA Lined butterfly valve

PFA Lined butterfly valve Product introduction

PFA Lined butterfly valve can bear higher temperature and better anti-corrosive performance than PTFE Lined butterfly valve,PFA Lined butterfly valve is bi-directional flow is possible at maxmium operating pressure. Since PFA Lined butterfly valve port corresponds to the piping diameter, a high flow capacity is guaranteed.

PFA Lined butterfly valve  features ease of maintenance, repeatable on-off, long life durability.
The concentric design is commonly used in the power generation, brewing, water and food industries and suitable for both gaseous and liquid service. PFA Lined butterfly valve is typically applied in chemical/petrochemical process, food and beverage, and pulp and paper etc.

PFA Lined butterfly valve Technical parameters

PFA Lined butterfly valve Lining material: PTFE, FEP, PFA etc.

PFA Lined butterfly valve Connection type: Wafer, Flange, Lug etc.

PFA Lined butterfly valve Operation methods: Manual, Worm Gear, Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuator.

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