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Forged A105 Gate valve flanged end

Forged A105 Gate valve flanged endForged A105 Gate valve flanged end
Forged A105 Gate valve flanged end

Forged A105 Gate valve flanged end Product introduction

Forged A105 Gate Valve Flanged end Class 800 900 1500 2500 is a rigid solid gate, the direction of the gate and the direction of the fluid vertical, Forged A105 Gate Valve Flanged end can be fully open or fully closed, the body is the integral forging, very suitable for high temperature and high pressure working conditions.Forged A105 Gate Valve Flanged end fluid resistance is small, sealing surface by medium erosion and erosion is small, the standard valve opening and closing more effort, medium flow direction is not limited, no turbulence, no pressure reduction, simple form, short structure length, good manufacturing technology, wide range of application.

Forged A105 Gate Valve Flanged end Applicable Temperature range:

(1) Carbon steel, available temperature range: -29ºC~+425ºC

(2) Alloy steel, available temperature range: ≤550ºC

(3) Stainless steel, available temperature range: -196ºC~+ 200ºC


Forged A105 Gate Valve Flanged end features

(1) Full size or reduced size design

(2) Three bonnet types: bolted, welded, self-sealing

(3) Sealing surface is not easy to wear, abrasion, good sealing performance, long life.

(4) compact structure, good opening and closing, small height, convenient maintenance.
(5) Inverted sealing of the body

(6) Simple in shape, short face-to-face length, good technic in producing, and widely applied


Forged A105 Gate Valve Flanged end main parameters

Size: DN10 - DN50

Pressure class :150LB-2500LB (0.6-42.0mpa)

Valve body material :A105, F11, LF2, F304, F316,F304L,F316L etc

Applicable medium: water, steam, oil, etc

Connection: flange, socket welding, NPT internal thread,Butt Welding

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